Belfast City Airport Planning Agreement

Belfast City Airport Planning Agreement Modification Process

In March 2012 GBBCA submitted a request to the Department to vary the terms of their 1997 Planning Agreement (modified in 2008) under Article 40A(1)(a) of the Planning (NI) Order 1991. The Airport requested that the Seats for Sale restriction be removed from the Agreement and replaced with a noise contour control cap and other noise control measures. The proposal was accompanied by supporting information including economic and environmental appraisals. In September 2012, the Department requested additional information in relation to noise, habitats and traffic, and the inquiry was postponed while this information was prepared.

A revised proposal and further supporting information were received in December 2013 and an 8 week consultation period ended in March 2014. In response to some of the comments received, GBBCA have now submitted further information in relation to traffic and transport, and provided clarification in relation to particular points raised through representations. The Department would welcome your views and comments on the latest information.